What We Do

Our administrative team will manage your agreement through it's entire life cycle.  We start by reading every agreement thoroughly to identify all required actions, obligations and necessary reporting.  We also identify the individual(s) that will be our contact at the Licensee or Licensor and provide them with a summary of the agreement, important milestones and obligations, along with our contact information should any questions arise. From this point, depending on our client's requirements and whether the agreement has been active in previous periods, we will either review all past actions and obligations to ensure that the have been fulfilled and then continue to manage the agreement going forward; in other instances, our client may request that we only track new and active agreements from the point of our engagement forward.  Typically we will facilitate the entire process of notifying, contacting and following up until obligations are met by your licensees; however, you may wish to be notified of noncompliance issues or concerns with select clients, so that your agents can respond to them directly.  However you choose to make contact with the licensee, you will always be well informed; as we will keep you abreast of compliance issues, status of royalty related reporting as well as receipt or non-receipt of royalty payments and other critical documents. It is our common practice to have a conference call with our client on a monthly basis; if your schedule allows, we find this will not only will we keep you informed about your licensees but enable us to follow up with you in person on any issues that have may required action on your part to make sure they remain visible until resolution.

In some cases, clients ask us to help them monitor in-licensing agreements, ensuring that they meet their obligations and remain in compliance with agreements in which they are the licensee.  

What You Can Expect

We will:

  • take the time to understand your needs and management goals and objectives.
  • provide you with a list of deliverables and review them with you to ensure that all of your requirements are being met.
  • suggest alternatives methods to accomplishing your objectives, if and when we feel they will better meet your needs.
  •  provide reporting, on your schedule to keep management informed of performance against agreed upon goals and expectations.