Question:  Why would I use the Accu-Track service rather than buy software and manage the function internally?

Answer: Not all Licensors or Licensing Agents, have the staff to devote to managing a full blown licensing program. Some companies just starting their program or those experiencing significant growth, even fluctuation in their number of active agreements, find it easier and more affordable to pay for services as needed and work with a provider that can accommodate growth rather than add or subtract and train staff.  Ultimately, you manage the project by setting the goals and objectives, our team reports to you with results, reporting and recommendations based on data and what we are experiencing with your licensees.  With the right input and reporting, you will remain abreast of all developments and results so that you can measure your program's effectiveness toward your reaching your goals and have real time data to enable better decisions regarding individual licensing agreements and overall program management.  In a nutshell, we will do the day to day work and you will have robust, well managed and proactive licensing program at your command.

Question:  How small of a licensing program is too small for your company?  

Answer:  We have never turned a company away due to the number of agreements in their portfolio, nor is it ever too soon to implement sound controls and best practices when it comes to managing your licensing agreements.  Because our fee schedule is based on the time it takes us to manage your program and is assessed the number of active agreements under management per month, you only pay for what you need.  While our staff is there for you and your licensees on a full time basis; a relatively small number of agreements may only cost you a fraction of a full time administrative person. Additionally, you receive the knowledge, experience and day to day management of our senior personnel to oversee your project, leaving you free to manage and grow your licensing business.  We will match the level of resources required to manage your program to ensure that we are meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. 

Question:  What is the cost of using Accu-Track software when utilizing your services?  Is there a reduced rate structure if you use our software?

Answer:  Other than an initial set up fee for creating a new database within our system and possibly a fee for customized reports there is no cost  for using Accu-Track software when using our services.  Our set up fee is usually between $2,000 - $4,000 and based on size and complexity of transferring existing licensee data.  The cost of ongoing contract management, typically does not vary based on who's software is used, assuming that capabilities are similar. 

Question:  How do you charge for your services:

Answer:  Typically, we bill our clients monthly, based on a dollar amount per active agreement under management.  The fee per agreement contract is based on how much time will be expended toward managing a given group and type of agreements per year, broken down to a monthly billing and divided by their number.  This allows for fluctuations in volume as new agreements are added and other agreements expire.  The time spent on your contracts is based on your needs.  So as an example; we may determine the annual cost of managing a given type of agreement is $600.00 and your company assigns 20 of these agreements for us to manage; The Annual fee would be $12,000 but it would be billed at $1,000 per month.  Should the number of contracts increase or decrease, the fee would do the same at a rate of $50.00 per agreement per month.