Accu-Track is a product of Credit and Financial Services Incorporated (CFS), an accounts receivable and contract management company in West Hartford, CT.  CFS has been providing Commercial Accounts Receivable Management solutions and services to Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical and Banking industries for more than 25 years. 

Over the last decade, the licensing industry has experienced dramatic growth and  the need for dedicated and proactive administration of contracts has become more imperative than ever. During this period of time Accu-Track was developed and has been refined in direct response to our client's needs in the area of contract administration.

Through this total contract management system, we will not only bring organization, accountability and a greater degree of compliance to your licensing program but we also provide the manpower to get it done.


2004 Enabling Partner of The Year , awarded by Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH.

2010-2011 Distinguished Service Partner of The Yearawarded by Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH.  

Read what some of our clients have had to say about our services:

"This has been a truly turnkey solution for us and we were able to roll it out quickly and with very little expense."

"We purchased software before talking with CFS and were struggling to get our compliance program off the ground.  The lack of in house trained personnel, was truly our biggest obstacle to getting started.  Once we made the decision to look outside for the resources and engaged CFS, things began to move.  We felt strongly that the features of the software that we owned would best meet our needs so we opted not to go with the CFS database and software.  CFS was fine with this, their people knew how to use various types of CM Software and they were using ours like pros within a week..  After a few phone calls and a WebEx, we were up and running.  Had we not purchased our own software prior to speaking with CFS, we probably would have used theirs at a fraction of the cost."

"Having Credit & Financial Services help us get our arms around the voluminous number of agreements that we were struggling to keep up with was a no brainer and being able to utilize their software to manage our database without having to invest in software of our own was very attractive. The CFS team is like an extension of our company and they have enabled us to leverage our internal capabilities to a greater extent.  We manage our business and growth, they track the results, provide us with feedback and ensure compliance."